Friday, December 21, 2012

Natural Disasters of 2012

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Nature has its own way of keeping the balance, but when you mess with nature, it bites back. Mother Nature made her mark again this year and did so, unfortunately, in the most extreme ways: hellish heat, drought, superstorms and other wild weather events. Today we are presenting you the worst natural disasters of the year 2012.

Superstorms and Scorchers

Superstorm Sandy crashed into the East Coast in late October, causing 128 deaths and more than $70 billion in damage. Some dramatic images of destruction came from the shores of New York and New Jersey. 
Photo By Sean Sweeney

The drought and heat combined to cause some of the most destructive wildfires in Colorado's history. At one point a half-dozen blazes were raging across the state, including a patch near Colorado Springs.
Photo By Gaylon Wampler
The Lone Star State felt the brunt of twisters this year. Multiple tornadoes descended on the Dallas-Fort Worth area one day in April.
Photo By Tim Sharp
Hurricane Isaac made landfall on Aug. 28 near the mouth of the Mississippi River.
Photo By Mario Tama/Getty Images
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) was called into action on several occasions this year, including the rebuilding efforts after a record-breaking drought, severe tornadoes and hurricanes.
Photo By Al Behrman/AP Photo
Heavy, wet snow and swirling winds caused by superstorm Sandy brought blizzard conditions to West Virginia and some neighbouring Appalachian states.
Photo By Jeff Swensen/Getty Images
Hurricane Leslie was the 12th of 19 named storms this year. The long-lived tropical cyclone spent several days meandering near Bermuda before striking Atlantic Canada.
Photo By Andrew Vaughan/AP Photo/The Canadian Press
Thousands of farmers filed crop insurance claims in 2012 as drought and triple-digit temperatures burnt up much of the corn belt.
Photo By Nati Harnik/AP Photo
Race horse "Flying High" enjoyed a shot of cold water during the 2012 heat wave.
Photo By AP Photo/Seth Perlman
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