Sunday, August 15, 2010

Clouds Clouds and Cloudsss...

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Flogos will take your marketing to the skies, and then some. It'll shape your logotype into a "cloudy" mixture of soap-based foam and helium - and send it off to drift for miles, as high as 6 kilometers up - a "wolf of commercialism" in fluffy sheep clothing.

There are definitely some enticing possibilities; for example, instead of displaying Apple logo inside a store window "prison" -

(image credit: Cyndy Sims Parr)

... Flogo will make it soar among the clouds, easily promoting such products as "Macbook Air":

What next? Well, maybe even the air around you one day will be considered as a potential "hologram real estate"... and then you'll have to sign up with certain brands, just to use your personal space, ad-free.

Cloud shapes used to be = Photoshop

"Flogo" shapes, invented by Francisco Guerra and Brian Glover, are really a logical extension of "cloud-vertising" that has been percolating in graphic design circles for some time. It's safe to say that many designers, when seeing a stock image like this:

will immediately reach to open Photoshop to start modifying the middle cloud into whatever the logo they have in mind. Here is a pretty neat example:

(image credit: jciv)

There are, of course, many "sky writer" services, that will spell any text from an airplane - but these will be unstable, blurry and easily dissipating shapes. Flogo will create a much sharper shape - and many corporations seem to be ready to try that style:

Aer Lingus PLC advertisement featured a cloudy shamrock shape:

(image credit: irishair350xwb)

Now you can have ten thousand of these little shamrocks floating into your open window at breakfast... there is something of Philip K. Dick paranoia in the idea of sky-vertising gone wrong.

Cloud-branding opens all kinds of possibilities.

Imagine sending your "letters" into a beautiful sky like this - then you can get free "golden lining" under your message:

(image credit: Raoul Pop)

Or launch some star shapes into this interesting striped cloud pattern (formed naturally over the Okhotsk Sea):

cloud streets
(image credit: PinkTentacle)

The Russians will wake up one day to see an enormous American Flag floating all over their Northern territories (hope there'll be no trigger-happy "Dr. Strangelove" types among their military)

These "cloud streets", spotted near Hokkaido, are actually a variety of the "morning glory" clouds, often observed in Northern Australia:

The image above is quite awesome in its own way - Nature always seem to ace even the best of human creativity...

Sometimes there are "cloud messages" in the sky that are hard to ignore:
(This fantastic formation appeared over Soverato, in Southern Italy; see more clouds here and here)

(image credit: Gregory Varano)

Or check out this "dragon" natural cloud shape, spotted over Monument Rocks Natural Area in Kansas:

(image credit: Rob Graham)

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