Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Amazing Destinations in Australia

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Australia, one of the world’s most staggering places to visit anytime of the year, has some of the most peculiar and innovative destinations to offer to its travelers. Whether it’s adventure you’re looking or you just want some relaxation, Australia will definitely come up with amazing offbeat attractions.

Sydney – With over 4 million people and highly admired worldwide for its scenery, Sydney is Australia’s largest and most vivacious cities. It is considered an offbeat place to explore because of its multitude of activities and large number of travelers annually. However, the most appealing attraction and the country’s landmark is certainly the Sydney Opera House.  Its magnificent architecture and amazing interior will make every tourists astonished and flabbergasted by this impressive work of art, while the rest of the scenery will put up for an amazing vacation. Photo By: Patrick Houlihan

Melbourne – Competing with Sydney regarding the number of inhabitants, Melbourne has some more adventure to offer, rather than architectural attractions. Hence, grab your courage and begin an amazing journey towards the sky on a sunrise balloon flight above the city. Face your fears of heights and get ready to be amazed by the stupendous view. Moreover, in just a matter of hours you’ll have the chance to witness the entire Melbourne without having to face the ground traffic. Photo By: Patrick Houlihan

Wycliffe Well Roadhouse – Recognized as the country’s first UFO location, the place has managed to gather over the years numerous enthusiasts who believe in such paranormal activity. In case you have an open mind and you believe that strange things do happen, explore the surroundings and feel the thrill. Thus, for those who are planning a trip to Australia, remember to pay a visit to Wycliffe Well Roadhouse and see for yourself if UFOs really exist.  Find out more about such an awkward but innovative destination, and observe a more unusual side of the country. Photo By: tm-tm

Tolga – The small but impressive town of Tolga has something really strange to offer to all those looking for innovation in Australia. Thus, the place dwells a bat hospital, which is pretty amazing and wacky at the same time. The facility offers extreme care to all species of bats, and also supports various programs to protect these animals. Moreover, the inhabitants have organized over the years numerous protests to defend these creates and their actions made tourists interested to see what’s really all about within the hospital. Photo By: The Adventuring LKs

Kalgoorlie – Maybe you haven’t heard of Kalgoorlie but it is certainly a place worth a visit. Known as the country’s gold mine, the location is indeed amazingly glamorous. Find out more about one of the world’s most active gold extractions and head over Kalgoorlie for more information. The Super Pit features an outstanding open mine, where travelers may see for themselves the endless lands of pure gold and the way workers fight every day for every gram. With a production of over 28 tons of gold a year, the place is indeed one of the world’s most expensive lands and riches attraction in Australia. Photo By: The Travelling Napper

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