Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hilarious Babies

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Parenting is fun! (sometimes)

We all know how babies arrive:

and then the fun begins!

(image credit: omwo)

A little early to get worried -


(image credit:

Shopping with parents is an interesting activity:

(image credit:

Some parents are too forgetful ?!

Learning to do many things at once:

Other parents buy really strange toys to their kids:

or toys that look at you funny -

Tip for families: Buy a Boomerang!
Once very popular, this game is almost forgotten today. Here is a little chart showing how to have fun with it:

Curiosity strikes:

Romantic friendship is wonderful!

Kids Portrait Gallery:

(image credit: Prirodoved)

(image credit: Davide Legnani)

(image credit: Phitar)

(image credit: Phitar)

(image credit: Alexander Tchorgolashvili)

Some babies already need a haircut:

Is this child the cutest?

(image credit: Botinok)

Here is an interesting aspect of a baby's face:

A baby doll in a car window -

and a strange baby sculptures - both are the fruits of a tired parent imagination, perhaps.

A couple of comic strips we particularly liked:
Restaurant for Toddlers:

(art credit:

Kid's wish comes true:

(art credit: Matt Hammill)

As your kids grow up, make sure you check their homework:

Children learning to take care of their vehicles from the early age:

Russia produced many cute pedal cars for kids during the 60s and 70s. Most are collector's items today: (source, among others: English Russia)

No matter how careful parents are, accidents happen:

but parents can always ask grandma to help with children, right?

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