Monday, March 22, 2010

Funny Photographers

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Photography ABOUT Photographers

The following is a series of funny and unusual situations in which photographers (and their gear) find themselves, in search for that all-around perfect shot. Heavy equipment, crazy set-ups, impossible positions, hostile public, cars and elements - and the list goes on. I remember going on some extreme photo hunts myself, the satisfaction of obtaining the best possible picture - we're sure you had similar experiences. Send us your most interesting photography adventure... like some of the hilarious ones in this gallery:

No zoom is too big

(images via Zerkalo, Reuters, some originals unknown)

(image credit: Vadim Onishchenko)

No location is too strange:

(original unknown)

The following 3 photos are fake (an advertising campaign for Kodak):

Interesting Gear:

(found via)

(image credit: vintagephoto)

Interesting fake gear:

(image credit: Stas Perov)

(image credit: Chris, Worth1000)

(original unknown)

Gear logistics:

(originals unknown)

Hunting for a good angle:

(image credit: Helmut Newton)

(image credit: BoxsterBob)

(image credit: ifun)

(image credit: Stephen Paine of Poultney, VT in Petris, Romania)

(image credit: Nina Krogh)

(image credit: Sergei Vasiliev)

(original unknown)

Not an easy load:

What is he carrying? The answer is here

(originals unknown)

Tricks of the Trade:

(image credit: Paul Roeder)

Lots of Character:

This photo is staged (photoshopped) but it's too funny:

(image via)

Animals want to help, too:

(image credit: vintagephoto)

Illustration to one of the "blonde" jokes?

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