Friday, April 12, 2013

Silhouettes and Shadows by Kalevi Tamm

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Kalevi Tamm is a photographer from Estonia. He took many types of photographs but here we focus on his Silhouettes and Shadow work. Lets have a look on these astonishing photographs.
Words from Photographer:

my name is Kalevi Tamm, and I started my Soviet childhood in 1965, in occupied Estonia. My life has been full of various uniquely exciting challenges and experiences that have immensely enriched me – like contraband trading, the smuggling of Soviet Army property while still being in the service, and other such goings-on. But after the collapse of the USSR, it became possible to deal with quite legal entrepreneurship. Thus, I’ve been involved in the launching of various firms, some of which, under new proprietors, function as successful international operations to this day. All this has helped to train me to observe the details of life by means of unusual viewpoints.
In my earlier days, I hadn’t had much to do with photography. I didn’t even obtain my first photo camera until the year 2008. And even that one I stumbled upon since it was part of a barter deal. But the camera encouraged me to start delving into the fascinating world of photography.
Just as I love black coffee, I soon realized that I truly savour black and white photography. I almost never drink coloured teas, and rarely indulge in taking colour photographs.
I haven’t devoted myself to any specific subject matter. I photograph whatever grabs my fancy. But, I do prefer architecture, architectural details, urban scenes, as well as the fascinating play involved in the intermingling of silhouettes and shadows.
Since I lack a formal vocational education in this field, I often run into difficulties, which, for a properly trained photographer, would pose no major problems. At the same time though, I’m not hobbled by any restricting preconceptions, and am, therefore, open to discovering new approaches.  
Recently, in 2013, I acquired a particular photo camera with which it’s not even possible to take colour photographs. So, only time will indicate how I’ll be able to deal with this new development in my photographic quests. At any rate, it’ll be exciting…

Silhouettes & Shadows

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