Thursday, February 18, 2010

The World's Strangest Vehicles

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The Opposite of "Soccer-Mom Minivans"!

Sometimes simply getting from point A to point B is not really the point. Some people want to do it in style and with a certain panache, some want to set their vehicles as far apart from the norm as possible (without crossing into the ridiculous). A few of the vehicles depicted here are made only for show, but some appear roadworthy and even...groundbreaking?

Let's start with -
Mini-Cooper Limo with a Pool!!

(Source: Strange Vehicles)


Surface Orbiter:

"New Yorker Rick Dobbertin built the amphibious Surface Orbiter out of a milk truck in order to cross the world via land and sea. It took him 4 years, $175,000 and 14,000 man hours to complete."
(via Dobbertin Hydrocar)

Dave Major's Aerocar 2 (Propellor Car):

ZZR Made for the 60's movie classic "Out of Site" movie by the Barris company:

(image credit: Barris)

The famous Pacman Car:

(Source: geek24)

Cool photos of a similar bus / RV - here

(Source: Harrod Blank, via)

Citroen DS in the movie "Fantomas":

Mafia Car?

another steering wheel variation:

Two-wheeled cars!

This page documents various two-wheeled oddities
(via Weird Daily)

(image credit: Kohler AG)

Still, they are not as weird as this futuristic car from 1918:

"Davis Motor Corp." car from 1948:

(Source: Uberreview)

Stout Carab, 1936:

Is this for real?


Unusual Bikes

Beer-table bike for the Harley Davidson Convention Members:

(created by Eric Staller)


BRP EMBRIO Concept (read more here):


More creative means of transportation:

Finally, perhaps the strangest - Ski-lift Bus!
(used on Mt. Hood, Oregon between Government Camp and Timberline Lodge)

(image credit: VintagePhoto)

Send us the photos of strange vehicles you spotted around the world, and we will continue making next parts with your submissions. Good Hunting!

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