Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Weird Signs of the World

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These signs warn you of some truly horrendous things that could happen to you.
First, you could be eaten by the Cthulhu monsters (you know, the ones from H. P. Lovecraft stories):

Then you may be threatened by the crazed digger
(hiding in the fog and rain...)

Or you could be blasted by the powerful spells of Gandalf:

Or be ambushed by a truly wild bunch of Russians (poster for a game):

(image credit: Nikolai Dichtyarenko)

Or lured into the untimely death by a funeral home advertisement:

Or imperil your offsprings by the bouts of irresponsible drinking:

After all this excitement you might need to put your pants through a wash:

And remember, the Big Brother is watching you:

No matter what you do, or where you hide:

More of the good old highway entertainment:

And a couple of the STOP signs to chill your soul:

Finally, a no-brainer:

And a cool store for your Fluffy:

(sources: Exler.Ru, Velcro-City, SwankSigns)


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