Thursday, January 14, 2010

Citroen C-Metisse Concept Car

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We'll start with a dream car that only French could dream up. It has such an unmistakable style that my son Ian (6 years old) upon seeing it immediately asked "Is it French?" Certainly, it's one of the best-looking designs of all time. For more pictures click here - (click to enlarge) -

(images credit: Serious Wheels)


Fish-Controlled Car

Speaking about cool cars, here is one built around an aquarium. The fish inside controls where the vehicle is going and how fast. The computer tracks the movements of fish' eyes and points the car in the direction fish is looking.
This site has a video of it in motion.


Air-Powered Car

There are different ways to power the car, and this blog mentions the often over-looked way:

"Bob is sick of paying fuel prices. His car could run on vegetable oil, of course, but that's still 25p a litre, and he doesn't want his fuel to congeal on those cold winter mornings.

So he installs a few compressed air tanks instead. The expansion of this air pushes the pistons to move his car. He uses the air pumps at petrol stations to refuel. Sometimes this costs 20p, but mostly he avoids those stations."
(from Urban Fantasy Blog)

If you think such practice is not feasible, consider this link ( to an actual "compressed air fuel" car being built:

(image credit: MDI)

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